Hi, I’m Catharina.

After my studies in veterinary medicine and my additional  training in craniosacral therapy, I have always been keenly interested in how bodies are designed to function and under which  circumstances they can do it the easiest and best. When my children were learning to run, it was easy to see that they needed soft, flexible shoes to become stable and keep their balance optimally. Barefoot-austria is a mom start-up, born out of the need that such shoes were so damn hard to find for my children. For a while I ordered in England and more and more people around me became aware of the children’s cute shoes and how skilfully they moved in them.
In 2016 it was clear: I’m trying to create a platform where you can easily buy physiologically correct shoes that allow the natural function of the musculoskeletal system while still looking good. Because just like healthy food doesn’t have to taste bland, physiologically correct shoes can be fun, fashionable and beautiful. Fissilogical. Fesch.
I have largely given up veterinary medicine since the birth of my children. When I’m not a mom for my two wild boys, I’m there as a craniosacral therapist, nurse and doula for young moms and their families (the best job in the world!) and in every spare minute (early and late at night and in between) I work on this webshop.